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Brad A. Watson (M.A. in Theology) serves as a pastor of Bread&Wine Communities in Portland, Oregon. He lives in southeast Portland with his wife and their two daughters.

Brad helps people form gospel-centered communities that love God and serve their city. He has the privilege of coaching church leaders on how to form gospel communities on mission.

Brad is the author of Called Together: A Guide to Forming Missional Communities (GCD Books) and Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection (Zondervan). He is the executive director of Gospel Centered Discipleship and GCD Books.

Brad writes because he enjoys communicating his ideas and loves the craft. His writing encourages, challenges, and helps followers of Jesus as they live on  mission. Brad loves connecting the gospel with its implications for our daily lives. He writes about community, character, coaching, and leadership.  Read more about Brad’s story.

If you follow Jesus you may never see revival, but you are guaranteed one thing: Jesus.


Why I Wrote Multiply Together

The vision of missional communities is not simply for one vibrant community but thousands. Thousands of groups reflecting the gospel, growing in the gospel, and proclaiming the gospel to those around them. I pray for thousands of communities speaking the gospel, redeeming culture, and seeking justice in our cities.

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Speaking the Truth in Love: Encouragement

The world, our churches, and our leaders are in an encouragement drought. While we are able to track approval–through likes, retweets, and comments, we are rarely extend affirmation for who we are and what is done through us. Social media is cheap affirmation and its help is fleeting in the life of a person. We […]

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How to Lead Multiplication

With an understanding of why we multiply communities and what it means to multiply, the messiest part is practical: how do you lead a community through the multiplication process. The process of multiplication can feel like a minefield of expectations, sadness, and miscommunication. It can also feel like something that needs to be orchestrated like a savvy conductor.

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Multiplication is Sending Arithmetic

What are the actual mechanics and skills involved in multiplying communities? How do you send effectively, pastorally, and practically? How do you know if and when to multiply? What must you do? When is it too early to multiply? There is a simple equation that brings so many questions into focus. It also helps us […]

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10 Commandments Of Leadership

10 Commands given to all leaders based on the classic list from Exodus.

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Eating Together

Food is significant. It is through food that Adam and Eve rebel. It is with food that God grows dependence in the Israelites in the dessert. Finally, Jesus holds up bread and wine during his last meal with his disciples and says it is his body and blood. Food and drink become metaphors and tastes of the gospel

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You can force people into mission with guilt & peer pressure. People only stay on mission when motivated by God's love.


Brad spends his life investing in and encouraging leaders whether they are starting missional communities, churches, businesses, or non-profits.  He helps people take simple steps of forward movement toward their goals. Brad’s coaching style is to listen to leaders and help them process decision, strategies, and opportunities.

Brad comes to coaching relationships with eight years of church leadership experience, including over five years as a member of a church planting team. He has masters degree in Theology and Biblical studies.

Brad also earned a degree in international business and has management experience and training within Fortune 500 companies. He has received over 100 hours of International Coaching Federation certified coaching training and has logged over 500 hours of coaching missional community leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs, and leadership teams. 

Brad loves coaching leaders of churches who are engaging in gospel communities on mission.

"What Brad and the crew at Bread and Wine are doing in Portland is groundbreaking. They are re-teaching us how to be the church in the city..." John Mark Comer, Pastor of A Jesus Church.


Sent Together: How the Gospel Sends Leaders to Start Missional Communities


Jesus calls us to himself, to his community, and sends us on his restorative mission. Our cities need communities of people who are learning to follow Jesus together in a way that renews their city, town, village, hamlet, or other space. They don’t need fancy community. In fact, missional communities are always a messy collection of everyday citizens who are devoted to Jesus, to one another, to their neighbors, and their city.

In Sent Together, Brad Watson helps leaders discover what it means to start communities centered on the gospel and on mission. By exploring the gospel motivations that send leaders to start missional communities, Watson gives readers a frame work for the purpose and ways of building a community that is deepening it’s understanding of the gospel while sharing the gospel. Filled with practical applications from years of experience, this book will function as a field-guide for many to refer to as they lead, and a training guide for those called to start missional communities.

Available as an e-book and paperback. Published by GCD Books, 2015.

Called Together: A Guide to Forming Missional Communities

Called Together by Jonathan K. Dodson and Brad Watson We search for our calling in careers, hobbies, and even ministries, but Christians actually know their calling from birth. We are all called into God’s community and onto his mission. There is no greater calling. Once we are in Christ, we are no longer orphans. Everyone has a place in the people of God. But how do you live out that calling? What does it look like to be God’s new community? How can we fulfill our role in his mission?

In Called Together, Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson help us discover what it means to be a people made for community and mission. Through reflection on the foundational concepts of gospel, community, and mission, it will help you form healthy missional communities. Filled with practical guidance for leaders and everyday people, it will guide you into a deeper and more deliberate experience of being the church together.

Available as an e-book and paperback. Published by GCD Books, 2014.

Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection

raised (1) Did Jesus really beat death? That’s what Christians for hundreds of years have believed, that Jesus Christ returned to life after death and burial in a stone tomb. To the modern mind, “resurrection” is utterly implausible, but it was also doubtful to many first-century Greeks, Jews, and even some Christians. With such an incredible assertion at the heart of the Christian faith, it’s no wonder that some people struggle to believe.

Too often Christians look down on doubt, but in Christ, we see a person who welcomes doubt and encourages faith. Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson don’t shy away from the hard questions or settle for easy answers. They help you to see how the resurrection offers hope for the future and answers for the life and death questions we all face.

Available as an e-book and paperback. Published by Zondervan, 2014.

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everyone has a calling in God's community and on God's mission.


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