It doesn’t have to be creative like a garage band, or spiritual, or from the Bible. However, your missional community needs a name or the default will be “Your Leader’s Name Missional Community”. This, unfortunately, reinforces the idea that the community belongs to the leader, that it’s their thing, and not our priority. Instead, set the tone from the very beginning by naming community together so it’s everyone’s community. To be sure, leadership is important and requires an increased level of responsibility, planning, and vision, but healthy communities are ones that get described as “our community”.

Some easy options are naming it after the neighborhood, sub-division, or even the street that will be the focal point for your missional community.

Brad A. Watson serves as a pastor of Soma Culver City in Los Angeles, California where he develops, coaches, and trains leaders to form communities that love God and serve the city. Brad is passionate about helping people live lives that reflect their belief and hope in Jesus. He lives in the west side of Los Angeles with his wife and their three kids.