Most people are not aware of their own lives. It takes either crisis or vacation to create the space for people to pause and evaluate what they are doing with their lives and why. This is only magnified in community. Most communities do not have conversations about how they are doing as a gospel community on mission, how they are spending their time, and how they should spend their time.

The picture of health assessment is a great tool to help your community have that conversation and gain awareness in how your community is sharing in the communal disciplines of prayer, learning, serving, etc. It starts from the place of what are you doing and how are you doing as a community. Hopefully, the community doesn’t stay there but moves further into discussing why and what must change about who they are to be the kind of community God has called them to be.

Download my two variations for gospel communities: Picture of Health: Communal Practices and Picture of Health: Identity.

Using this Tool

1. Evaluate you community based on each practice.

How would you rate your community’s sharing and faithfulness in these areas? Mark on the line where you believe your community is with a “0” being the center and a 10 being the outermost points.

picture of health

2. Take a look at the picture you have.

Are you balanced? What areas has God gifted your community with? What areas do you see a lack of faithfulness? Have a conversation about each item and where you are.

3. Begin to seek unity on the one thing your community may want to take steps toward.

Engage in reasons for why you might be strong in some areas and weak in others? What is scary, difficult, hard, and challenging about pursuing that gospel community practice? What would obedience look like to take steps toward this area?

As you process, here’s a list of posts on each practices that include explanations, questions, and ideas to help communities grow in each area.

Brad A. Watson serves as a pastor of Soma Culver City in Los Angeles, California where he develops, coaches, and trains leaders to form communities that love God and serve the city. Brad is passionate about helping people live lives that reflect their belief and hope in Jesus. He lives in the west side of Los Angeles with his wife and their three kids.