This good news contains both the power for change and the purpose of life. Its power comes from the dynamic of faith (or trust)—the way in which receiving the free love of God in trusting Jesus simultaneously empties our hands from our own destructive attempts to make ourselves right, and fills them with an unassailable identity as God’s beloved children. As sons and daughters of God, the gospel makes us family.

New Purpose

The purpose of the gospel comes from the dynamic of hope—the restoration of God’s creation from humanity’s fall through the promised work of Jesus proclaimed in all of life by the church until creation’s final restoration. The Gospel makes us ambassadors. The result of that faith and hope is love for both God and neighbor.

This is how the gospel is motivation: it is the news that re-shapes everything! The Good News is comprehensive, making all things new—bringing about complete restoration, peace, joy, and justice forever. Life as it was supposed to be is possible only through the gospel. Reconciliation of us to God, to each other, and to our neighbor is done through the gospel and expressed in missional community.

The gospel changes everything personally, globally, and eternally, as the New City Catechism asks and answers well:

“What else does Christ’s death redeem? Christ’s death is the beginning of the redemption and renewal of every part of fallen creation.” Question and Answer 26

Brad A. Watson serves as a pastor of Soma Culver City in Los Angeles, California where he develops, coaches, and trains leaders to form communities that love God and serve the city. Brad is passionate about helping people live lives that reflect their belief and hope in Jesus. He lives in the west side of Los Angeles with his wife and their three kids.