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The Importance of Commitment

After laying the foundation of the gospel, the easiest way to continue moving forward is to create a missional commitment or what some call a covenant. This commitment is to God, one another, and your city. Essentially, the group decides together how they will be and grow as a missional community.

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What I Learned in Europe

Last week, I had the privilege of returning to Europe to participate in a gathering of over a hundred European believers, church planters, and missional community leaders. Before the trip becomes too distant a memory, I decided to jot down and share some of my impressions, learnings, and prayers.

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Why I Wrote Multiply Together

The vision of missional communities is not simply for one vibrant community but thousands. Thousands of groups reflecting the gospel, growing in the gospel, and proclaiming the gospel to those around them. I pray for thousands of communities speaking the gospel, redeeming culture, and seeking justice in our cities.

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Speaking the Truth in Love: Encouragement

The world, our churches, and our leaders are in an encouragement drought. While we are able to track approval–through likes, retweets, and comments, we are rarely extend affirmation for who we are and what is done through us. Social media is cheap affirmation and its help is fleeting in the life of a person. We […]

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How to Lead Multiplication

With an understanding of why we multiply communities and what it means to multiply, the messiest part is practical: how do you lead a community through the multiplication process. The process of multiplication can feel like a minefield of expectations, sadness, and miscommunication. It can also feel like something that needs to be orchestrated like a savvy conductor.

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Multiplication is Sending Arithmetic

What are the actual mechanics and skills involved in multiplying communities? How do you send effectively, pastorally, and practically? How do you know if and when to multiply? What must you do? When is it too early to multiply? There is a simple equation that brings so many questions into focus. It also helps us […]

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